How Do Data Analytics Feed Into Company Actions?

August 15, 2022  

We have entered a data-driven world, where data analytics is becoming increasingly common. Heck, it’s becoming increasingly necessary! As a result, 97% of companies now embrace data analytics with the intention of growing profits while spending less money and cutting risk.

Data helps you understand your company better. When your company uses data analytics, you’ll get a birds-eye view of all your operations. Data can point out what has been successful for your company and what needs minor tweaking or even a complete overhaul. Good use of data prevents your company from blindly moving forward, just hoping for the best.

The first step to improvement within your business is to identify any problem areas. Knowing where you are off track is half the battle. Once you can improve your trouble spots, your company will be primed for growth opportunities.

Data involves looking at all the numbers: sales, losses, how many transactions, etc. But it can also give you information about your customers and their behavior. Once you know more about them, you can focus more on the people who support your business.

How Analyzing Data Identifies and Improves Business Opportunities

Having the data accessible to you is only the first step. Once you’ve collected it, you need to be able to understand it. There’s a story there, and you need to tease it out. It isn’t always straightforward; it can be quite a complex process, and of course, there’s room for error.

Once you know what the data is pointing to, there are multiple ways to take advantage of it. If you’re good at incorporating data analytics into your business model, you’ll allow the data to influence your company’s actions. If you follow the data like the Yellow Brick Road, it will take your business somewhere grand.

Make Informed Decisions

It is practically impossible to make a major decision without knowing all the details. Have you ever tried to blindly decide something with little to no information? It can make you feel powerless; all you can do is hope for the best.

Imagine if you had to decide whether to buy a new home sight unseen. That is taking a huge risk! Making business decisions without using data analytics is similar.

Does it usually work out for you? Maybe sometimes, but in hindsight, you often look back and think, “Oh, if I had known that then, I would have decided differently.” You are able to see what a better choice would have been.

When you understand the situation and environment, you can tackle specifics rather than generalizations. You won’t be wasting your company’s time, energy, and money on problems that don’t exist. Think of data as a tool for diagnosing inflection points. It removes the guesswork from business, giving you better results.

Direct and Powerful Marketing

With your company’s data in hand, you’ll have a clearer picture of your customers. It allows you to turn your marketing into a more direct and personal dialogue with them. Rather than just talking at them, your marketing team will have a greater sense of the conversation your customers want to have and how to begin that conversation.

Your marketing team won’t waste money on ads that don’t land or, worse, have a negative effect. They will be able to see from the data the type of image that is best to avoid with your target audience. They will have the tools presented to them that help them talk so that people will listen.

They will also be able to craft different messages for different populations, knowing which area gets which messaging. Your business thrives when your customers want to hear what you have to say.

More Efficient Performance

Data analytics can quickly get to the heart of your operations. Your business’s data reveals what your employees should focus on and what is a time-waster. For example, you’ve seen how data can improve your company’s marketing. It can prevent the marketing team from floundering on ineffective campaigns.

Data can also show you where tasks and steps can be eliminated. For example, if an employee spends hours preparing reports that don’t help any aspect of the business, you’ll spot that and refocus that employee on a more effective job. You’ll see where you can either streamline or pivot to more effective action.

What does this all mean? First, it means money for your business. You can cut the fat and increase profits. Everybody wins because your business will thrive, and employees don’t feel they’re wasting their time because their work is valued.

Reduce Risks and Setbacks

Using predictive analytics is as close to using a crystal ball as a company can get. It allows you to foresee possible problems coming your company’s way. Forewarned is forearmed, and in business, that’s vital. You’ll be able to put measures in place to protect from or even completely prevent damage.

Data analytics can point out unintentionally risky behavior from your company, too. For example, once you understand that specific business approaches are more harmful to your operations than helpful, your company can take a different approach.

Personalized Customer Service

Much like data analytics can help your company’s marketing, it can also help you better understand customer behavior. Then you’ll be able to design your business model with them in mind. In addition, understanding customer behavior will save you from rolling out a service or product that’s unwanted.

Your business will know how to anticipate and respond to your customers’ needs and wants. And that will all boil down to one result: customer satisfaction and customer loyalty. Oops, that’s two things!

You can also collect data to indicate how your customers prefer you communicate with them. People respond to different communication methods; you don’t want to lose a customer because they hate phone calls. You can personalize each communication method for your customers’ preferences.


Analytics helps your company in more ways than decision-making. Your data lights the path for where you can make improvements, reduce risk, and lean into specific marketing strategies. It shows you clearly what is working for your company and what might be worth cutting. Data analytics is a strength for your organization; tap into it and reveal your hidden possibilities

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