Spotlight on Embedded Analytics and Datateer Partners:, Explo, and Sigma

December 12, 2022  

The analytics game is constantly evolving. As a result, standard BI systems may only sometimes suit your analytics needs. Yet, the traditional method of data visualization can, at times, feel clunky and slow. Thankfully, there’s a faster solution that Datateer is excited to embrace and bring to you.

What Is Embedded Analytics?

Have you ever been working on a project and needed to step away from one application only to open another to find the information you need? If that happens once, it probably happens a zillion times, and it can be ridiculously frustrating! It slows down your pace and can introduce distractions.

That’s where embedded analytics comes in to save the day. It works analysis and visual forms of data into the places where they are most needed. Embedded analytics seamlessly combines your metrics and software into one application. It brings the data to you, so you don’t need to seek it out.

For example, you can put a dashboard with your data insights right onto a website, allowing the user to see the necessary information immediately, preventing them from having to pull them up separately. And when 83% of data users indicated they would much rather have their information all in one application instead of needing to toggle back and forth, that ability can be powerful for your business.

Your employees and customers can get the most up-to-date information right when they need it without having to hunt it down. And that efficiency means they can work at a faster pace, too. Embedded analytics is designed to be easy to understand. The visualizations are presented in a format that’s intentionally simple for non-technical users to understand and interpret.

How Is That Different from Traditional BI?

Embedded is a departure from the traditional approach of business intelligence. In the standard BI model, not all information is placed together in one place. The BI tools work independently from each other, pulling from many different sources. Therefore, the tools and the business applications have entirely different interfaces.

In short, it isn’t a smooth experience, especially for the average employee who isn’t trained in analytics.

An even greater frustration with traditional business intelligence tools is that not all employees or customers can access them. The analytics and results are gated off from the larger user community. The fallout is that employees must go through a few hurdles to gain the information they need. And that can bring productivity to a screeching halt. for Embedded Analytics

Datateer partners with for a flawless embedded analytics solution. provides interactive analytics dashboards. Whether your data visualizations are internal, only for employees, or customer-facing, they’re completely customizable, meaning you can direct the story your metrics tell.

Users don’t just see a chart that shares a piece of information but have a fully immersive experience with the interactive dashboards. They allow users to look at data from various angles or drill down and get a deeper understanding of what their metrics mean. In addition, their opportunity to filter your information means users can gain a new perspective on their information.

Only 10% of application users are comfortable using analytics, and recognizes that. That’s what makes them stand out from the pack. While most software developers overestimate their users’ understanding of analytics, makes their dashboards so simple that any non-data person can use them. Their drag-and-drop editor means there’s no coding needed; any layperson can manage and customize their dashboards.

With dashboard software you can manage, you are in total control of your data.

The number one business impact of dashboards is how fast you can move to market with their platform. You can deploy your data more quickly, getting more value for your customers and keeping them satisfied. And you win when they stay on your platform longer!

Explo for Embedded Analytics

Explo is another of Datateer’s favorite partners in embedded analytics. Their tagline is “engineered for simplicity,” and they aren’t kidding about that. 

Your databases and warehouses are all assured to plug into Explo’s dashboards since their software is designed to support them all. So, Explo helps you access your data with zero hassle, connecting you directly to your systems.

Explo’s data visualizations are some of the best in the industry because they are entirely customizable. You can build tables with columns, all types of charts, and set a visual marker of your KPIs. And when it’s all in place, you can share the insights you gain with a share button.

You shouldn’t have to wait to access your own data, so Explo breaks down the barriers between your company and your analytics platform. They eliminate the middleman, so you don’t need to wait around while your dashboard gets built. Instead, you can have quick, direct access to your metrics and insights.

Sigma for Embedded Analytics

Sigma Computing understands that your team isn’t the only party that can benefit from your analytics. Other company departments and customers benefit from the analytics you have access to, so Sigma’s goal is to make your data available to whomever you want to share it with. They don’t just make sure your data is accessible but understandable.

Sigma doesn’t put a cap on how much of your data you can visualize for your customers and partners; if your employees have access to it, you are welcome to also share it with your network. So they can always grab the data they need while it’s still piping fresh.

And here comes the super easy part: it doesn’t matter who you’re sharing your data with outside of your employees. If your company doesn’t have an app or a portal for them to access your data, no problem. The other party can get a Sigma guest user account, giving them the ability to interact with only the data you want them to see. With Sigma, you are in control.

How Datateer Uses Explo, Sigma, &

At Datateer, we partner with Explo, Sigma, and, so your analytics experience is streamlined. We are the go-between for you and the tool vendors, setting everything in place, so you don’t need to stress about implementation. (Although the tools are certainly stress-free, which our Data Crew LOVES. We probably shouldn’t admit how easy our partners make our jobs.)

We ensure the platform is operational and running smoothly. We even take care of updates and add new features as they come along. So we sweat the small stuff for you while you handle the critical job of running your business.

An added benefit for you is that you get one-stop shopping and only one payment. Think of it as bundling your home and auto insurance; you can bundle your analytics needs!

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