Data Analytics & Visualizations Case Studies

The best case study is the NEXT case study — YOURS.

For between $5K - $15K per month, you could finally get out from under manual reports, spreadsheets that crash your computer, and guesswork that slows down your business.

All case studies (below) follow our Simple Analytics Framework (the Datateer SAF)

Data Analytics doesn't have to be complicated. More than 500 tools make up the modern data stack.

But you just need to tell us about three things:

Data Sources

You're likely here because you have two or even two dozen different data sources that you'd like to combine, deduplicate, and normalize.

Our SAF makes this easy:
Just point us to the sources.

We'll handle the rest, including creating automated pipeline extractions and continual monitoring for accuracy.

Data Metrics

You want to see the trends. You want to forecast something numerical, right?

Name your metrics. Invent new metrics to track. Things like:

Expected Customer Churn Rate? Sales Qualified Lead Volume? Median Inventory by Location? 

Need help defining metrics with your team? No worries, we've got a quick and easy SAF workshop for that.

Dashboards (Data Viz)

How many times have you heard, 

"I wish I could see all of this on one dashboard?!"

Dashboard, Data Viz (visualizations) and "BI" (business intelligence "layers") are synonyms for SHOW ME THE CHARTS AND GRAPHS!

Your data viz can face internally to your colleagues, externally to your clients, or both! You can have multiple dashboards for different reasons or departments. And BI can be embedded in your software or in a portal we stand up for you.

Awesome. Here you go. Read these data analytics case studies.

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data analytics for SaaS

"We got objective advice on data analytics tooling; It's been a great experience, highly recommended!"

Karim Nehdi

CEO @ Herrmann


project broadcast data analytics

"You literally changed our business forever!"

Jake Dempsey

CEO @ Project Broadcast

data analytics example

“The 100 different metrics you created for our customers resulted in significant growth for our key accounts.

Paul Harty

CSO @ Motion Recruitment


Which one of these is you?


Maybe you need data analytics embedded in your app? Or automated growth reporting for your investors?


Time to get you automated reports — stop wrestling with Excel by manually combining different databases. Instead, give your people cool data viz.


Point us at the hole(s) in your data stack. We'll be your systems integrator, and you can just focus directly on the sources, metrics and BI you already control.

About our Data Analytics Case Studies

Datateer was born in Colorado. We're a remote first company with US-based talent.

We work like you work — from our laptops! We have home office cats and dogs, reptiles and cows. Oh, and human families, too. We don't want you to be juggling spreadsheets after dinner. Or stressing about that report while putting the kids to bed. 

Time to relax. We've got you. 

Ok, you're right. Data Analytics sounds pretty easy, now. 

No more playing spreadsheet hero.