Data Analytics with Machine Learning (ML)

“We're saving almost $1M annually.

Client Size: 50 person company

Datateer's Machine Learning pipelines created actionable reports resulting in a


Annual Increase in Profits (!)

End Result provided by Datateer



Billions of messages go through the company's platform. Datateer helped organize and make sense of all that data



Benefits of Managed Analytics



Tying natural language processing with product analytics unlocked insights not available in either one by itself. The models determined:

  • Affiliate Network
  • Segment
  • Usage Trends & Predictions
  • Message Purposes
  • Customer Engagement
Our approach to managed analytics



In-depth machine learning (ML) models analyze customer behavior to automatically derive attributes about the customer and segment them appropriately. This creates new ways to segment, sell, and upsell. Client's data on their customers is now automatically enriched with the ML data.



Our investment in Datateer was the easiest we've EVER added 5% to our bottom line. 


Prior State ("The Problem")

This business builds one-to-one marketing communications tools for companies who need close relationships but at scale. Their customers are small business owners, consultants, and service providers. Because of the size of their customers and target prospects, it is impossible to get good, consistent information to help with targeting, messaging, and sales.

With Datateer’s help, this company can now organize and report on their data to get a clear picture of customer attributes and behavior.

Data Audiences & Sizes

Executive Team

2 people


3 people

Account Managers

15 people