Marketing Analytics Case Study

“Clients love seeing metrics they care about. 

Client Size: 300 person company

Client used Datateer instead of hiring (2) FTE data engineers, saving not only time but also:


in annual savings (!)

End Result provided by Datateer



We combined and normalized:

- US DOL datasets

- Google Ads

- Proprietary datasets created by the company's own SaaS tool

- Industry data from third-party advertising platforms


Benefits of Managed Analytics



The software arm of the company invented new metrics like "Interview to Hire" ratio as well as sales using baseline and trend forecasting for CPC (Cost per Click) and CPA (Cost per Apply).



Our approach to managed analytics



- (1) embedded in client-facing SaaS tool

- (1) embedded in internal portal used by product teams

- (1) used by sales to pitch real-time strategy based on spend and ROI trends


My software engineers were busy building platform features, so I was happy to outsource pipeline creation and embedded dashboards to Datateer.

VP, Product

Prior State ("The Problem")

The strategy team was making manual reports. They took weeks.

The sales team wanted real-time reports. In seconds.

The company's owners (PE Firm) also wanted real-time reports.

The software (SaaS) team was busy adding new features to their platform. They could have switched to standing up the modern data stack, but that would have been too disruptive.

Hiring several, new, data engineers and/or data scientists was cost prohibitive.

Data Audiences & Sizes

Product & Engineering

10 people

Sales & Strategy

40 people

Product & Engineering

10 people

End-Users (Clients) of SaaS Platform

500 people