Pharma Data Analytics Case Study 

“Our strategy requires deciphering data at SPEED.

Client Size: 450 person company

Datateer allows this company to be

First to Market

which you'd probably like, too.

End Result provided by Datateer



In addition to several internally-produced spreadsheets, we combined and normalized those with heavy data coming from:

- the FDA


- Hubspot


Benefits of Managed Analytics


(Very Important) METRIC

Imagine this: what if your company had billions of data points distilled into a simple score?

That would feel amazing, right?

It's amazing.


Our approach to managed analytics



Notably, client is able to WRITE data back into Hubspot FROM their BI layer, which is pretty sweet.


Prior State ("The Problem")

This client looks for edge case prescription drugs that have begun their research process but have been abandoned for several reasons.

Those several reasons relate to data.

Data from all over the place.

Deciphering that data was a manual process that included highly speculative errors, in addition to being time consuming as all get out.

When you game is to move fast, time is your enemy, and almost nothing takes longer that manual reporting in Excel. 

Data Audiences & Sizes

Sales & Biz Dev

30 people

Sales Management

4 people