SaaS Data Analytics Case Study

“Manual reports were part of my job. NO LONGER!”

Client Size: 200 person company

Datateer allowed high-impact employees like the CTO and CFO to


instead of in the business.

End Result provided by Datateer



We've combined and normalized eight different data sources including platform data their SaaS tool is generating,  Google Sheets, Stripe, and data from other software they purchase for internal use.


Benefits of Managed Analytics



Datateer helped the CTO display platform health and usage metrics to internal audiences, freeing him from manual reporting and time consuming communication preparations.



Our approach to managed analytics



Datateer has been instrumental in cleaning up old BI reporting and helping the company streamline costs. First we migrated them off an expensive tool onto Sigma. Next, we'll help them migrate to a proprietary BI environment after they incorporate that into their development roadmap.


Now, finance is able to be strategic. Prior, they spent MOST of their time on manual Excel reporting.


Prior State ("The Problem")

This is another Private Equity (PE) roll-up story.

This company has acquired several like-companies already — and guess what? — each company had their own data sources and reports. 

Worse, each department at each company had different reporting methodology. 

So for both the PE firm and the CTO for the platform business (the company to which all new entities were "rolling up"), each new growth acquisition brought major headaches.   

You might imagine that manual reporting accuracy was suspect, to say the least.

Data Audiences & Sizes

Executive Team

5 people


10 people

Product Management

5 people

Customer Success

25 people