Fleet Management Data Analytics Case Study

“I'm ecstatic! 

Client Size: 200 person company

Datateer saved this company

Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars

by moving them off their old, legacy, crumbling infrastructure.

End Result provided by Datateer



Here, we're handling really big data, including millions of IoT device events PER MINUTE.



Benefits of Managed Analytics



Fleet managers view critical information such as:

- GPS tracking

- Fuel usage

- Vehicle diagnostics

- Driver behavior

10TB of legacy data was migrated.



Our approach to managed analytics



Datateer continues to work with the client to migrate ~100 legacy reports into Sigma.

Their old BI system took up to five minutes to run EACH old report. Now it happens in seconds.

Customer facing


This real-time information is exactly what I wanted since I started here. I'm ecstatic! 

VP, Product

Prior State ("The Problem")

Before Datateer, client was on a proprietary, crumbling, legacy database with no way to aggregate statistics nor see trends. 

The prior system was a letdown for their clients and was slow, expensive, and full of risk, preventing them from growing. 

More challenges: the Private Equity (PE) firm which owned the business was on a mission to roll up other companies, and they knew that any potential acquisition would be a difficult/expensive/impossible integration under the prior data stack (if you could call it that). 

Data Audiences & Sizes


6000 people

Product & Tech

50 people

Executive Team

8 people