M&A Analytics Case Study

“We can see our entire portfolio.

Many private equity groups and corporate development departments use Datateer to consolidate reporting across their platform companies, streamlining data ingestion from every subsequent acquisition into one, unified, dashboard. 

Strategic Roll Up Partners

These companies rely on Datateer pipelines to aid roll up strategy, streamline merger integrations, and monitor portfolio performance in key areas like churn, spend, and sales forecasting.

Private Equity

platform rollup

private eqUity

how Vistra private equity uses data analytics

private eqUity

multinational holding co.

platform rollup

Most PE groups embed the cost of automated data pipelines and real-time reporting inside their platform company's OpEx budget. Getting insights has never been easier nor produced a higher return. Expect  

$80K - $150K annually

with no third-party contracts to manage. 

End Results provided by Datateer



Data sources from each of your investments can roll up in to a unified reporting dashboard, allowing you to responsibly measure performance while freeing your operators from needing to spend precious time formatting manual reports just for your check-ins. 

Benefits of Managed Analytics

KPIs &


Invent and monitor metrics that matter to your firm, all right at your fingertips. Trying to systematize your integrations? Imagine starting your next acquisition with a metrics playbook that instantly matches your new company's operations to the existing KPIs critical to your firm's roll up operations.

Our approach to managed analytics



Real-time dashboards give you WIDE insight across your portfolio as well as DEEP insight into your platform strategy. Datateer clients use these dashboards to inform strategy on new acquisitions as well internally to align on key initiatives with their operators. 

Datateer understood our data and consolidated all that information in a way that dramatically improved the speed and quality of prospect and operator conversations.

Managing Director

Q: Can we just buy your whole company?

A: Not at this time. But you flatter us. 

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