Chartio going away? Datateer can help

As the very first Chartio Preferred Partner and a heavy user of Chartio ourselves, we have invested a ton of time and energy into Chartio. Thousands of hours, dashboards, and charts.

And things were going great. Until all of a sudden…

Chartio sold to Atlassian? Oh no. 

But it gets worse…

They are shutting down Chartio?!?


What to do? Thankfully, we have some commitment that the product will be in maintenance mode until March 2022 when they pull the plug. But it is clear where Atlassian’s priorities are with this acquisition. They said the entire Chartio team will be focused on integrating the product into Jira. Immediately. And the migration options are weak

Some free help

So let’s talk about it. Datateer will give you a free half-hour consulting session. 

We will share with you what we are hearing from others, answer any data strategy question you want to discuss, and share what we know about alternative products and tools. Click below to provide some background and schedule your session.

What’s the catch?

No catch.

Some of you may want to explore Datateer’s platform and services. That’s up to you. This isn’t a sales call unless you want it to be.

We are working on some offerings that will make this migration much easier than going it alone or with someone who doesn’t understand Chartio like we do.

  • Free consulting sessions
  • Alternative products research, evaluation, and recommendations
  • Managed migration projects to move your dashboards and charts to another product or tool
  • Data infrastructure and architecture assessments