Embedded Dashboards WordPress Plugin


Use this plugin however you like, but for now it is provided as is. If you email dev@datateer.com, we will do our best to respond. 

Getting Started

Embedded Dashboards is a plugin to simplify embedding dashboards generated by a BI tool into your web site. Currently Chartio is the only supported BI tool.

Embedding a Chartio dashboard

Start by opening Settings > Embedded Dashboards menu in your WordPress admin screen. There you can enter your Chartio embedding information. These settings will apply to all dashboards that you embed. 


You can find this information by signing into Chartio, navigating to any dashboard, and clicking Settings, then click Embed.


To embed your dashboard, create a short code on any page that looks like this, replacing the dashboard name and ID tokens with the values you got from the Chartio embed page.

[chartio dashboard_name="DASHBOARD_NAME" dashboard_id="DASHBOARD_ID"]