Amazon Redshift

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  No Headache

As powerful as Amazon Redshift is, it can be a challenge to manage, and it may require the attention of some of your most senior engineers. As a managed Redshift service provider, Datateer takes care of all aspects of Redshift deployment and management. Our simple managed service includes everything you need for one fixed monthly fee!

How it works


Our data architects will help you customize your data model and data warehouse as we get started


Data feeds break. Systems go down. Things happen. With Datateer’s managed service, your engineering team won’t have to stop their other projects or be on call when something goes wrong.


Your business will always be looking for ways to expand its data capabilities. Datateer will support you as you add new data sources and grow your data platform.

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“We created a multi-dimensional dashboard that presents insights along 100 different metrics that is highly consumable and very relevant to our customers. As a result, we have seen a significant growth in our key accounts, while also gaining significant productivity improvements with our own staff.”   ~ Chief Strategy Officer, Motion Recruitment

“The team at Datateer came in, understood all the data that we had access to, and created an application that consolidated all that information to our clients in a way that has dramatically improved the speed and quality of the conversations we are able to have with our clients.” ~ Managing Director, Denver South EDP

Datateer offers customized solutions to bring my data together in a more meaningful, intelligent format. These reports offer critical insight” ~ CEO of a retail chain