Managed Analytics Pricing

Datateer's services are designed to meet you where you are and provide the flexibility you need.

This isn't marketing-speak for overcharging! Each of our services is designed to bring more value at less cost than alternatives.

When you are ready, we can help you define scope and give you an exact price quote.

Managed Analytics Pricing

In Managed Analytics, we charge a platform fee of $1,000 per month and a small fee for each Data Asset Under Management. Not getting the value you want? Remove the underperforming assets. Need more of what is working? We will help you build new assets. 

You decide what you need for your business. We handle the infrastructure, technology, processes around managing data assets.

Data Crew Pricing

With a Data Crew, you get a permanently assigned, on-demand team that you can contact anytime. They help you strategize and plan, and help you build and improve data assets.

Pricing is based on hourly rates, but any work is quoted up front-- so you know what you will pay.

They handle everything you need: configuring data extractors, implementing your metrics, building dashboards and reports, and advising you how to maximize the value of your data. 

Embed Portal Pricing

Instead of building, hosting, and maintaining your own application to manage embedded dashboards, you can use the Embed Portal for $1,700 per month.

This price includes unlimited users and unlimited dashboards!

What Our Customers Think

"We created 100 different metrics very relevant to our customers. We have seen significant growth in our key accounts."

Paul Harty - Chief Strategy Officer @ Motion Recruitment

"We were data rich but information poor. When you are moving at the speed we are, you can't just throw people at that problem. Datateer gives us a full picture and saves us a ton of time.”

Kelsey Waters - Senior Director of Operations @ Equinix

"Datateer understood our data and consolidated all that information in a way that dramatically improved the speed and quality of client conversations."

Devin Mulhern - Managing Director @ Denver South Economic Development Partnership

Don't know where to start?

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