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"We created 100 different metrics very relevant to our customers. We have seen significant growth in our key accounts."

Paul Harty - Chief Strategy Officer @ Motion Recruitment

"We were data rich but information poor. When you are moving at the speed we are, you can't just throw people at that problem. Datateer gives us a full picture and saves us a ton of time.”

Kelsey Waters - Senior Director of Operations @ Equinix

"Datateer understood our data and consolidated all that information in a way that dramatically improved the speed and quality of client conversations."

Devin Mulhern - Managing Director @ Denver South Economic Development Partnership

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You know spreadsheets, you love spreadsheets. When you’re working with data, they are one of the easiest ways to read, store, and analyze your data. But did you know that cloud analytics can take your spreadsheets to the next level?

If you aren’t the most technologically savvy person, you may assume that the closest you’ll ever get to data analytics is the dashboards your analysts send you. Up until fairly recently, that was a correct assumption, but technology brings change.

The analytics game is constantly evolving. As a result, standard BI systems may only sometimes suit your analytics needs. Yet, the traditional method of data visualization can, at times, feel clunky and slow. Thankfully, there’s a faster solution that Datateer is excited to embrace and bring to you.