Managed Analytics Services

You have big ideas about how data can impact your business. You need immediate wins, AND a foundation to do even more in the future. Datateer’s analytics as a service model gets you going quickly and sets you up for success.

Managed Analytics is a managed data service that makes your data useful and valuable in a partnership model.

With data analytics as a service, you can stop stressing about how to get this done. Become a data-driven business in days or weeks–not months or years. Get better visibility and make revenue-increasing decisions with confidence!

Benefits of Managed Analytics

Get to Value and ROI Quickly

You don’t need to build everything from scratch. Instead, leverage Datateer’s managed analytics services so that we can focus on your needs and data.

No Need to Staff Up

You don’t need to recruit, hire, pay, and manage a team to create data analytics solutions.. Instead, our data operations team will manage and support all the cloud analytics services and tools for you.

Also, you can scale up and down with a fractional team of experts to create or improve your Data Assets.

Stay Strategic

Instead of getting sucked into technical details, you can focus on your data products, metrics & KPIs, and the outcomes you are after.

No Fire Drills–We Got This for You

Cloud analytics depend on pulling data from your complex business systems. With so many moving parts, things break. We get it. We monitor not only your technical health but also the quality of your data. If anything goes wrong, we are notified and take care of it for you.

A Partner You Can Rely on

Success with data analytics is not a project–it is a journey. We aren’t here to do a project and then move on to the next one. Everything about our managed analytics as a service is designed to ensure your continued success.

Our Approach to Data Analytics as a Service

Most companies offering “analytics as a service” are really just staffing firms or project firms. Data is a journey, not a project. Below is our approach to managed data analytics services and solutions.

Data Assets under Management

Data truly can be an asset, and our Managed Analytics service is centered around your inventory of Data Assets. These are your Data Sources, Metrics/KPIs, and Data Products (such as dashboards) that deliver value. 

So forget about having to navigate technical mumbo jumbo. We manage and communicate everything to you in terms of the Data Assets that we manage.

Scale Up or Down, on Your Terms

Is a Data Asset no longer bringing you value? Shut it down and stop paying for it.

Do you have a great customer opportunity? Add the Data Assets you need incrementally, without a lot of fuss.

Managing your data analytics no longer requires massive projects. Scale your Data Assets under Management up or down as your needs evolve.

Automation & Monitoring

We create Data Assets customized and tailored to your business. And we run them in Datateer’s Managed Analytics infrastructure. That means everything is automated and monitored.

How Does Managed Analytics Work?

  • We plug into your Snowflake or BigQuery cloud data warehouse. In Datateer’s area of the warehouse, we deploy the automations and best practices in security and organization. You can move data assets into or out of your Data Assets under Management inventory.

  • Data Sources include extracting data from your SaaS products, internal databases, or any number of data sources. 

  • Metrics include automated data transformations to combine data from all your Data Sources into a library of reusable metrics & KPIs. 

  • Data Products are the reports, dashboards, data shares, or data pushes–everything to get data and insights into the hands of your customers and employees.

  • If you do not already have a cloud data warehouse, we can stand up and manage an instance for you as part of our Managed Warehouse service. 

Modern Cloud Technology

There is so much innovation in data analytics happening right now. Our analytics as a service is based on leading cloud products and tools. 

That means you can leverage your Data Assets under Management beyond the service that Datateer provides. Connect right into the warehouse database to experiment with other ways to use your data. 

Data Quality & Security

We take data quality and security seriously.

You can trust the technical health, security, usage, and data quality of your Data Assets under Management. When something goes wrong, we are notified automatically. We let you know about it and get it resolved as part of the Managed Analytics services. 


"We created 100 different metrics very relevant to our customers. We have seen significant growth in our key accounts."

Paul Harty - Chief Strategy Officer @ Motion Recruitment

"We were data rich but information poor. When you are moving at the speed we are, you can't just throw people at that problem. Datateer gives us a full picture and saves us a ton of time.”

Kelsey Waters - Senior Director of Operations @ Equinix

"Datateer understood our data and consolidated all that information in a way that dramatically improved the speed and quality of client conversations."

Devin Mulhern - Managing Director @ Denver South EDP

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What are managed analytics services?

Managed analytics services is a model to deliver data analytics as a service. With managed data services, you get the benefits of advanced data analytics, without having to build your data architecture from scratch, manage a bunch of vendors, and hire a team of experts.

What are the different types of data analytics?

Data analytics are typically categorized into four different types of analyses:

  1. Descriptive analytics tell you what happened. A question descriptive analytics can answer could be, “How was revenue last month, by sales territory?” Descriptive analytics are not always lagging indicators, leading indicators can also be described.

  2. Diagnostic helps you understand why something happened. Doctors diagnose to explain symptoms, car repair shops run diagnostics to explain a car’s performance–and diagnostic analytics describe the “why.” A question diagnostic analytics can answer could be, “What caused revenue to increase last month?”

  3. Predictive analytics applies statistical modeling to attempt to predict what will happen in the future.
  4. Prescriptive analytics attempts to define actions to take to achieve a certain outcome. For example, prescriptive analytics may be able to identify a point of diminishing returns in ad spend and suggest an optimal level of spend.

What is analytics as a service?

Analytics as a service delivers the infrastructure, operations, and analyses necessary to get the benefits of modern data analytics. This is an end-to-end solution, from extracting raw data, all the way to delivering insights to people who need them.

Will data be safe?

Datateer takes precautions to encrypt and safeguard data and enforces processes to protect data. We comply with privacy regulations and standards such as PII, GDPR, and HIPAA.

Our full information security policies are available upon request.

Why do I need Managed Analytics?

Managed analytics services are perfect for companies who see an opportunity for growth and profits through the effective use of data–but who lack the time, expertise, resources, or desire to do it on their own. “Analytics as a service companies” can provide cost-effective alternatives to building large teams or managing all the tools and processes of a data analytics solution.

How much do managed analytics services cost?

You can enjoy the benefits of analytics as a service for less than the cost of hiring a person–much less than hiring a team and all the products and tools to go with it.

At Datateer, we charge a base fee, plus incremental fees for each Data Asset under Management. That way you only pay for what brings you value.

See our Pricing page for details and to request a quote.

What is the difference between KPIs and metrics?

Metrics versus KPIs–what is the difference? Generally, a metric simply means something that is measured. Metrics have business definitions and purpose–people use them to make decisions.

Key performance indicators, or KPIs, generally refer to a small set of the most important metrics in a business.

What is a managed data service?

A managed data service is a combination of people, processes, products, tools, and infrastructure to deliver data that is accurate, fresh, and complete.

What are the advantages of analytics as a service?

Analytics as a service allows customers to enjoy the benefits of a mature, advanced data analytics solution without having to pay the high costs of people and products necessary to deliver the analytics.