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Here are some visualizations, reports, and other things we are working on. Customers get to vote on what we make next!

Question Proposed Answer Get Notified
What are my best performing products?

Chart showing top X number of products by total margin and how they sold daily. Like below, but not so busy. And add a line for average product performance


Which categories of products produce the most margin?

Show the breakdown of margin by the hierarchy of product categories. Like below

Am I at risk of stockouts?

What products do I need to order?
Line chart showing combination of sales velocity and inventory levels to predict which items are at risk of stocking out.
Am I merchandising properly?

Are my promotions working?

Are my employees upselling?

Show best and worst product sales trends. Identify products that are performing better than before, or that are performing worse than before. Visualize the difference in performance. Worst trends would show downward performance like below