Unlock the value
of your data

 with Datateer’s customizable, end-to-end platform

Tame your company’s data and create powerful analytics

An automated, end-to-end platform
Go live in weeks, not months
Custom analytics and visualizations
Combine SaaS, internal, and third-party data
Free your team from support requests
Leading-edge cloud tools
Modern, secure architecture
A partner in your data maturity journey

Critical insight

Datateer offers customized solutions to bring my data together in a more meaningful, intelligent format. These reports offer critical insight for inventory management, product optimization, and sales performance.

Lance Monahan

Highly recommended!

Datateer is a great and flexible partner for anyone looking to create a custom data platform. They helped us develop and stand up a powerful customer-facing analytics dashboard. They were VERY responsive to our evolving needs over the course of the project. Great experience, highly recommended!

Karim Nehdi

Dramatically improved

The team at Datateer came in, understood all the data that we had access to, and created an application that consolidated all that information to our clients in a way that has dramatically improved the speed and quality of the conversations we are able to have with our clients.

Devin Mulhern
Managing Director / Denver South EDP

Significant growth in our key accounts

We created a multi-dimensional dashboard that presents insights along 100 different metrics that is highly consumable and very relevant to our customers. As a result, we have seen a significant growth in our key accounts, while also gaining significant productivity improvements with our own staff

Chief Solutions Officer / Sevenstep

Customer-facing analytics

Close more deals and grow key accounts by giving your customers unique, strategic insights

Internal analytics

Get visibility into your operations and make better decisions

Industry-specific analytics

Pre-built data models, integrations with niche systems, and industry-specific metrics

Datateer offers you a modern, managed analytics platform and specialized process that will get your analytics up and running quickly. 

Whether you are just getting started or trying to up your game, we will help you get there.