We create Data Analytics Visualizations and Real-Time Reporting Dashboards so you don't have to

Create Clarity on Customers & Operations with Better Business Intelligence through Data Viz

We're Experts in the Modern Data Analytics Stack

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The Easiest Way to get Custom Data Analytics

Combine Data Sources | Real-Time Reports | Embed Dashboards & Data Visualizations


We do fast Data Viz Prototyping (including GenAI data queries) with dashboards embedded in your app.


We sell Data Visualizations — stop doing manual reports — give your people analytics dashboards instead.


We're a systems integrator — we build and service the modern data stack — for companies that don't want to have to learn a bunch of technologies.

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No Coding

No Hiring Data Engineers

No Forever Projects

Transparent Pricing

Annual Plan Cost Per Asset

  • $15,000 per data source (like your CRM or ERP) — Google Sheets and/or Excel included free with a standard source
  • $1000 per data metric
  • $2500 for internal dashboards
  • $4000 for external dashboards

Annual plans for

  • Soup to Nuts Managed Analytics, or
  • Data Warehousing, ETLs, and Pipeline Creation & Monitoring
  • Analytics and Metrics Data Modeling
  • Embedded Dashboards
  • Machine Learning (ML) Models

Looking for a Snowflake Consultant?

You've found us. 

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You could hire full-time data engineers, instead.

We love data engineers. We are data engineers!

But if you're not ready to add headcount, and you don't personally want to learn data warehousing, ETLs, and BI layers, then toss your email into the box.

Feeling stuck with your business data?

No visibility

The numbers are wrong

Data is everywhere

Too many tools

Wasted time

Manual reports

Stop stressing about data. Get Managed Analytics with Datateer, a Data Analytics Company.

Using data effectively in your business is a complex journey--we want to help you accelerate.

Reduce Complexity with Analytics Tools

There are quite literally thousands of data analytics tools that specialize in narrow pieces of what you need. This creates unnecessary complexity for you! We bundle the best products and open-source tools, so you don't have to worry about the technology.

Keep Your Data Assets Secure

Your data analytics are strategically important to your business. Our entire platform is designed not only to keep your data assets secure and accessible to you but also to allow you to take over their management if you ever need to.

Reduce Costs

All of this costs less than hiring a single data engineer (much less a team!). How is this possible? Because of our extreme specialization, we find ways to reduce costs and automate things that are often done manually.

Expert Data Team at Your Disposal

When you do need something more, you can lean on your Data Crew, a fractional, scalable team of data experts. They are permanently assigned to your company and you are in control of how and when you use them.

Our Data Analytics Services

Datateer's data analytics services give you the benefits of an expert data team, without having to hire, pay, and manage them yourself.

Managed Analytics

A managed data analytics service that gives you customized data assets, without having to worry about the technology and process.

We manage your Data Source, Metrics & KPIs, and Data Products like dashboards and reports.

Data Crew/Fractional Data Team

Expert data analytics consulting and business intelligence consulting. All the specialized skills of a full team, on demand, and at a fraction of the cost.

A Data Crew is a permanently assigned, scalable team that knows your business and data. 

Embed Portal (Embedded Analytics)

Securely share any dashboard or report with your customers.

This analytics service allows you to monetize your data and provide customer-facing insights.

Instant Analytics: Customer & Product Analytics

Instantly connect to your systems and see your data in pre-built dashboards and reports.

For some industries and business functions, Instant Analytics is the only analytics service you need.

Managed Data Warehouse

Having a cloud data warehouse is great. But who is going to set it up, keep it secure, and manage costs?

Managed Warehouse is a data analytics service to remove the effort and worry of managing your cloud data warehouse. 

Our Data Analytics Platform

Our years of investment in data architecture and integrating leading products means you don't have to start from scratch. Instead, let's focus on making business impact with your data. 

Data Extraction, Integration, & ELT/ETL

Your customer and operations data is no good sitting in silos. SaaS applications, internal databases, and third-party data providers all hold potentially valuable data.

We automate and manage data extractions to get data out of these sources. Data can include marketing, product usage, CRM, digital ad platforms, call center, operations, customer support/success, and even include your application and IoT sensors. And yes, we can handle spreadsheets!

Data Consolidation & Centralization

Your data is valuable! But scattered in different places, it is impossible to have good business intelligence.

Our data analytics services bring everything together, so you can analyze it all in one place.

We plug into modern cloud data warehouses like Snowflake and Google BigQuery

Data Transformation: KPIs and Metrics

Streamline your business decisions with automated KPIs and metrics from Datateer. 

Transform raw data into actionable insights, monitor KPIs easily, and automate data management to stay ahead of the curve.

Data Analytics Dashboards & Visualization

Your customers and employees can access data anytime with curated dashboards and exploratory tools.

Use our prebuilt dashboards, let us help you create and manage custom reports & dashboards, or use any business intelligence tool to create your own.

Embedded Analytics Platform

Elevate your product experience with Datateer's seamless embedded analytics. 

Integrate valuable insights into user workflows and applications, enhancing user engagement and decision making.

What Our Data Analytics Clients Say

"We created 100 different metrics very relevant to our customers. We have seen significant growth in our key accounts."

Paul Harty - Chief Strategy Officer @ Motion Recruitment

"We were data rich but information poor. When you are moving at the speed we are, you can't just throw people at that problem. Datateer gives us a full picture and saves us a ton of time.”

Kelsey Waters - Senior Director of Operations @ Equinix

"Datateer understood our data and consolidated all that information in a way that dramatically improved the speed and quality of client conversations."

Devin Mulhern - Managing Director @ Denver South EDP

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