Data Center Analytics Case Study

“We're growing too fast to manage data analytics ourselves.

Client Size: 12,000 person company

Datateer saved the company


per month (!) being spent on reporting.

Prior, report creation was ALL MANUAL. Now, insights are real-time, providing for real-time actions.

Our dashboards are the heartbeat of their sales organization.

End Result provided by Datateer



We combined and normalize:

- Salesforce

- Google Analytics

- Google Sheets

- Manual entry through the data viz interface

- an API from company's own software



Benefits of Managed Analytics



Our models forecast/calculate:

- Customer Churn

- Customer Renewal/Upgrade

- Sales Operations
- Inventory
- Capacity Planning

- Product Managment


Our approach to managed analytics



We've already built 10 dashboards for this client, and not only do we continue to add reports for new audiences, their in-house teams use the same pipelines we built for different BI purposes. In short, our pipelines support a few dozen dashboards; we manage some, they manage some. Everyone wins.

We were data rich but information poor. When you are moving at the speed we are, you can't just throw people at that problem. Datateer gives us a full picture and saves us a ton of time.

Sr Director of Operations

We were ready to scale, but we were doing things the old way. Manual spreadsheets, unreliable answers to our questions, and reports were 15 days old. Now we have information right away that we can actually use.

VP Strategy & Marketing

The best gift Snowflake ever gave us was introducing us to Datateer. Datateer made Snowflake successful for us.

Managing Director

Prior State ("The Problem")

We joined this ride when the company was massively growing and had no idea they were about to be acquired. 

Through acquisition, our automated reporting made due diligence a breeze. 

The new Private Equity (PE) owners' own BI reporting also relies on Datateer's automations — a two birds, one [pipeline] situation.

Data Audiences & Sizes

Executive Team

10 people

Sales & Account Management

100 people

Supply Chain

30 people

Product Management

20 people


10 people

PE/Parent Company

50 people

"Woah, this case study hits home."

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