With Instant Analytics, dive straight into actionable insights without starting from scratch. Our pre-built data pipelines, metrics calculations, and dashboards are tailored to fit your industry-specific needs, all grounded in Datateer's years of experience. 

Whether you're seeking a comprehensive customer journey analytics solution or keen on digital advertising optimization, we've got you covered. From accounting/financial analytics to precision-tailored product analytics solutions, uncover the transformative potential of your data with a customer analytics company like Datateer. 

Unique Insights Available with Product & Customer Analytics Consulting

Gain unparalleled clarity on customer behavior, optimize your revenue streams, enhance product usage, and elevate the overall customer experience. While our customer analytics consulting is primed to bring immediate value, delve deeper with our customizations to align with your unique business needs, amplifying the impact of our data analytics consulting.

Know Your Customers’ Behavior & Journey

Instant Analytics brings clarity to your customer behavior analytics. Every interaction, every touchpoint, from the first introduction to loyal advocacy, becomes transparent. With our advanced customer analytics solutions, you can:

  • Predict potential customer churn, helping you act before they leave.

  • Gauge satisfaction through precise scores, pinpointing areas that require attention.

Conduct cohort analysis, segmenting your audience to recognize distinct patterns and trends.

Whether you're charting the journey of a newly acquired user or deep-diving into long-term customer behavior, Instant Analytics has the tools tailored for you. For both emerging startups and established SMBs, understanding your customer's journey is no longer a luxury—it's a necessity. 

Harness the insights, make data-backed decisions, and drive your business forward.

Know Your Customers Behavior and Journey

Industry Data Models

Instant Analytics understands the unique demands of different sectors. We've curated specialized industry data models to address specific needs. Below is an overview of the industries and their tailored data models:




Customer 360

Customer Journey





Product Analytics

Industry data models

Dive deep into your industry's specifics, ensuring your strategies are grounded in relevant data. Whether you're in e-commerce, healthcare, or finance, Instant Analytics equips you with data models that resonate with your unique challenges.

Data Model Management

Harness the power of metrics, KPIs, and visualizations without the stress of creating custom data infrastructure. At Instant Analytics, we seamlessly link with your industry data sources. With our robust data model management, we map your data into our industry data models, ensuring metrics that are auto-refreshed and always accurate.

Instantly access comprehensive reports and dashboards, allowing for an intuitive dive into your data. Prefer a specific business intelligence tool? Feel free to craft your own reports. As we continually evolve and introduce new metrics, your analytics journey only gets richer, keeping you ahead of the curve.

Data model management

Product Analytics and Customer Analytics Consulting

In the digital age, understanding your product's performance and user engagement is critical. With Instant Analytics, you gain an edge in product analytics, shedding light on user behavior, feature utilization, and more.

Harness the power of our product analytics solutions to track user activity across your offerings, pinpointing what works and what needs refinement. Dive deep into metrics like usage patterns, churn rates related to specific features, and user feedback.

For startups in their growth phase or SMBs scaling their operations, it's vital to make informed decisions. By leveraging product analytics services with Instant Analytics, you ensure your product evolves based on data-backed insights, aligning with customer needs and driving relentless progress.

Product analytics and customer analytics consulting

Improve Customer Experience Through Customer-Centric Insights

At the heart of every successful business lies a satisfied customer. Instant Analytics empowers you with customer experience analytics to elevate every interaction. Dive into our customer analytics tools and uncover actionable insights that offer a comprehensive customer 360 view, tailoring your offerings perfectly.

Discover patterns with customer journey analytics and identify touchpoints that resonate or might be causing friction. Use customer behavior analytics to understand preferences, pain points, and desires, enabling a personalized approach that captivates your audience.

Refine every aspect of your business, be it the digital interface, support interactions, or product innovations, using data-driven insights. With Instant Analytics, transform data into a tool that nurtures loyalty, boosts satisfaction, and drives relentless growth.

Improve customer experience through customer-centric insights


"We created 100 different metrics very relevant to our customers. We have seen significant growth in our key accounts."

Paul Harty - Chief Strategy Officer @ Motion Recruitment

"We were data rich but information poor. When you are moving at the speed we are, you can't just throw people at that problem. Datateer gives us a full picture and saves us a ton of time.”

Kelsey Waters - Senior Director of Operations @ Equinix

"Datateer understood our data and consolidated all that information in a way that dramatically improved the speed and quality of client conversations."

Devin Mulhern - Managing Director @ Denver South EDP

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is product analytics?

Product analytics means using data to understand how customers use a product. You can track things like how long users spend on a product, which features they use, how often they log in, and even where they get confused.

You can also aggregate this data to understand general trends of product usage by customer, time of day, and industry.

What is customer analytics?

Customer analytics means using data to understand your customers. Seeing trends of where customers are delighted or disappointed, how often they engage support, and whether they are likely to churn or upgrade.

All businesses have multiple data sources that each contain part of the overall picture of a customer. Bringing those together into a single location is at the heart of customer analytics.

What is customer 360?

Customer 360 is a complete view of a customer. Each department and system in a business has some data about customers. Unifying all this data, and presenting it in a combined way, allows anyone in a company to understand the customer and make better decisions to improve service to the customer.

What is customer journey analytics?

Customer journey refers to all the interactions a customer has with a business. Each department and system in a business stores data about their interactions with a customer.

By pulling all this data together, you can get a complete picture, a story of the journey the customer takes through your company.

Without doing so, it is impossible to understand, from the customer’s perspective, what it is like to do business with your company.

What is customer analytics software?

Customer analytics software allows you to analyze customer data to understand your customer better. Typical analyses cover product usage, customer support, and sales, and include cohort analyses and predictive analyses on key customer metrics.

How are companies using data and analytics to improve customer experience?

One example of a company using data and analytics to improve customer experience is a Datateer customer, Equinix, which analyzes various trends in customer behavior to predict who is unhappy and likely to churn. Sales and customer success focus on these customers to see if they can solve the underlying issue.

A second example of a company improving the customer experience is another Datateer customer, AppCast, who tracks the effectiveness of job advertising costs and advises customers on how to optimize these costs. 

How to use customer analytics?

Customer analytics can be used to improve marketing effectiveness, sales closure rates, customer satisfaction, and product optimizations.

We’ve found the easiest way to see where customer analytics would be valuable is to ask any head of a department what they wish they knew about their customers.

Why is customer analytics important?

Customer analytics unlocks visibility into customers that most companies don’t have. By understanding your customers, you can make improvements in many areas of your business to find, serve, and keep your customers better.

How data analytics helps find customer segments?

By tracking the attributes of each customer, grouping them becomes easy. A simple example is segmenting by geography. Other examples include grouping by cohort (when the customer signed on) and buying behavior.

How to present customer analytics insights?

Customer analytics insights are best presented in an exploratory medium such as a dashboard. Most people who gain familiarity with customer metrics want to explore further and find interesting, actionable insights.