Our Mission

To give you clarity and insights about your business

About Datateer

There is more data available than ever before. But making sense of it all is still out of reach for most companies. Some companies are big enough to hire a big team and build the perfect system for themselves. But they aren’t the only ones who have questions that need answering.

We are building Datateer for an audience of one: you. Datateer analyzes your business and your data to answer your specific questions. The questions you ask are what shape the platform. The most exciting part of my job is hearing completely unexpected questions and learning how the answer impacts your business.

So, if you are building a business but can’t have teams of data scientists, hire big data consultants, or spend millions on your very own question and answer system, then start asking Datateer your questions. I built it just for you.

Adam Roderick
Founder, Datateer